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Our business has been growing since 1990, we started off focusing on solar geysers to cut electricity costs, but found at that time that there was more interest in pool heating. Prior to that, I was involved in the manufacture and marketing of pool filtration systems and pumps for 5 years and consequently gained a lot of experience related to pool filtration and pool heating systems.

I ran my own refrigeration business and having an electronic background, it fitted in very well with the marketing and installation of Heat Pumps, the alternative means of having your Pool, and Geyser heated.

In 2006, with the advent of the Power Crisis and Load Shedding and the introduction of the new Vacuum Tube technology for Solar Geysers in South Africa , there was a huge surge of interest in Solar geysers as an alternative Energy Source for Hot Water Heating.

Since then, as distributor of the Apollo Solar Geysers , we have supplied hundreds of residential homeowners  with Solar geyser solutions which not only have proved to be wonderful investments , but have also gone a long way in Greening our Environment in South Africa.

With over 25years experience in the industry, Home Owners can expect personalised attention and to receive  the best advice to ensure they get the best solutions and results from their Pool Heating systems, and Solar Geysers followed up by personalised after Sales Service                                     

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